Abratika - BIO packaging

We have the obligation to keep and leave behind a clean and healthy environment

Care for the environment

In the desire to have a cleaner and healthier environment, manufacturers have brought to market a wide range of disposable packaging, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

What does Abratika mean?

Abratika is not just a website where you can buy organic products but even a place of responsibility. We need to understand the purpose of biodegradable packaging. From the production process to the marketing process, everything is environmentally friendly!

Herbal products

Cornstarch and sugar cane are the basis of our packaging. They are quickly degradable and quickly return to the natural circuit of nature.

Return to nature

Composting results in compost, an ideal mixture most often used in agriculture. In this way, what is created with materials from nature returns to its origins, in nature.


The Products Marketed By Us Are Somewhat Recently Appeared On The Romanian Market.

In many countries around the world, plastic bags have been replaced by biodegradable ones by law. It is forbidden to sell plastic bags. Fortunately, in our country there is Law 249/2015 which prohibits the sale of plastic bags for transport. We need people with a vision and a long-term plan. We must be aware that nature, once degraded, dirty and filled with plastic waste is very difficult to recover. Every year, thousands of marine life die because they swallow or swim in plastics.